Youth Group (Middle & High School)


Middle School and High School youth meet on Sundays from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Clearwater. Our weekly group combines relevant messages with purposeful, fun events and community outreach to equip middle and high school students to impact their schools, their homes and their world for Christ as well as sending out and creating disciples for the next generation (Matt. 28:16-24). Dinner is provided. For more information, please reach out to the Youth Group leaders, Cynthia and Zach, on the contact form below.


Clearwater Church
2700 S Lemay Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525

How can I support the Youth Ministry?


Bring in your recycled metal and Clearwater Youth will get the proceeds!

Take your scrap metal (including aluminum cans) to:
Colorado Iron and Metal
903 Buckingham Street (near Lemay and Vine)
Fort Collins, CO 80524

1) Weigh in your vehicle loaded with the steel as you enter the property (a large platform that will weigh your vehicle)
2) Empty your vehicle inside the metal yard
3) Weight OUT your empty vehicle as you exit
4) Park and go into the office on the way out and tell them, “I want to donate this load to Clearwater Church.”

ALL OTHER METAL (aluminum, copper, brass, etc)

1) Pull into the property and park at the LARGE OPEN GARAGE DOORS. Do not weigh in on the scale!
2) The employees there will gladly help you unload your donation!
3) Tell the person weighing your load, “I want to donate this load to Clearwater Church.”

Our church then gets a check from them every month and 100% of your donation goes to help our youth ministry!

Link to Nursery/Preschool Page– (for children younger than Elementary age)

Link to Elementary Page– (for children- Grades 1-5)