Exciting Transformations at Clearwater Church:
Building Our Future Together!

In Partnership with AXIS International Academy

Get Involved and Stay Informed

Clearwater Church, in partnership with AXIS International Academy, is undergoing key renovations to better serve the community! The project includes two new preschool rooms, a spacious lobby, and improved lawn and playground areas. Started in November, the work is progressing well with Elder Construction’s help, ensuring minimal disruptions. These upgrades demonstrate our commitment to a nurturing, safe space for everyone. We encourage our congregation to stay involved and informed during this exciting development phase!

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Latest Updates

  • December 15 Update: PreKinder students visit their new classrooms, leaving their mark on the subfloor.
  • December 8 Update: Completion of drywall and plans for additional classroom visits.
  • December 1 Update: Demolition and framing begin, with minimal disruptions.
  • Current Phase: Preparations underway for the start of lobby renovations.
  • Renderings of the new lobby design, showcasing the future welcoming space.
  • Details on how this renovation will enhance the church’s community experience.
  • Upcoming plans for outdoor space enhancements.
  • Information on how these improvements will benefit the church and school community.
  • Invitations for congregation involvement in the playground committee.