Seniors – Encore Generation

Seniors Encore Generation

Definition: Encore – an additional performance in response to a demand.

Generation – a group of individuals born and living at the same time.

The Encore Generation at Clearwater Church is a group of people, generally aged 55 and above, who have spent many years raising families and building this nation and its churches. Many have now retired from their vocations, but they are still energetic and they desire to live the rest of their lives to the fullest. They have much wisdom, experience, vitality, and a desire for both fellowship and service to the Lord. At the same time, some have become incapacitated and need assistance. All are welcome to participate in the Encore Generation.

Purpose: Our purpose is to share the love of Jesus Christ with older members of our community by:

  • Giving spiritual encouragement
  • Providing opportunities to share gifts and talents within the church and community
  • Planning events that encourage fellowship and interaction
  • Visiting and assisting those in hospitals, health care facilities and their own homes

Opportunities for Fellowship and Interaction:
Clearwater’s Encore Generation provides a good place for seniors to meet other seniors and become involved in fellowship and service.

  • Bible Study: Seniors are encouraged to participate with people of all ages in any of the Bible study groups on Sunday mornings or throughout the week.
  • Life Groups

Ministries Available to Seniors:
Home-Bound Communion: The Deacons and Deaconesses of the church serve communion to home-bound seniors once a month to those at Spring Creek Health Care Facility.

Opportunities to Serve:
At Clearwater we encourage the Encore Generation to serve in all of the ministries of the church. In some cases they provide the leadership and much of the service.

  • Work Day Ladies: These busy ladies use their talents by making quilts, lap robes, toys, baby layettes and other items which are shared with organizations throughout our community. They also provide custom quilting for those who want their quilt tops quilted.
  • Ministry: Volunteer drivers become the “designated driver” to bring seniors and persons with special needs to church events.
  • Sunday Morning Greeters: Some of our seniors serve by greeting persons as they enter the church and sanctuary.

For further information:
Please call the church office at 970-223-5770.