Our Values

Our values are the DNA of our church. They are what makes us unique as a church body, and what drives the way we do things. Our values are what cement our vision to the everyday workings of our church. Take a look at the things we value.

1. Love God.
We are a church that focuses on worshipping the God of the universe with our whole heart. Worship is both personal and corporate (in groups), and when it’s completely unleashed in our lives, will impact our lifestyle. We believe in prayer– that wonderful conversation between us and a loving, holy God who draws us into relationship with Him. Loving God is all about obeying Him and comitting ourselves to Him above all other relationships.

2. Love Each Other.
Jesus commanded us to love one another; so, we seek to earnestly learn what it means to give grace to each other, to forgive each other, and to encourage one another on a daily basis. Clearwater is a “cell church” meaning that we believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of small, life giving communities (which we call “Life Groups”) that meet regularly and then congregate together on Sunday mornings. Our relationships with each other are based on grace and not upon guilt or laws.

3. Love those in the world.
We are an outward focused church. We exist for our members and for non-members! We hope to influence those around us in a relational way so that they might see our relationship with God and be drawn to Him as well! Relationship with God is winsome, refreshing, and exciting. We hope the whole community catches what we have. We are also focused on reaching those in other cultures who do not know Jesus. Our goal is to see Him worshiped by every tongue, tribe, and nation.