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Feed the Hungry Tribes in Pakistan

In partnership with Clearwater Church – FEED THE HUNGRY TRIBES IN PAKISTAN

Feed the Hungry Tribes in Pakistan

Help us feed these precious people of Pakistan, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Feed the Hungry Tribes (FHT) is an outreach mission, anchored in the love of GOD and dedicated to the isolated tribal villagers of Pakistan. Since 2008 FHT has conducted tours to nourish as many hungry tribes as possible with resources available. We conduct home visits, provide food and drinking water, and share the love of GOD. We answer questions critical to the eternal life of these tribal villagers. We conduct Bible studies and mentor leaders for GOD to carry on in our absence.

Feed the Hungry Tribes in Pakistan

Founder Shakeel Zia received the vision from God for FHT while volunteering in Kashmir, Pakistan, shortly after the tragic 2005 earthquake. In 2008 his ministry partnered with CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), and from 2008-2012 FHT focused on thousands of flood victims displaced and hungry. Shakeel moved with his family to America in 2013 and has three disciples who remain in Pakistan serving these impoverished tribes.

Pakistan is ranked 146th out of 187 countries on the United Nations Human Development Index. One fourth of the population lives below poverty and 60% live scarcely above. FHT regularly reaches the Province of Sindh where 93% of all of Pakistan’s Hindus reside. The province of Sindh consists of 24 districts where high levels of malnutrition remain one of the most challenging humanitarian problems in the area. Combined with poor diet, poor health, exposure to disease and inadequate sanitation and hygiene, the non-urban villagers of Sindh have little hope for a sustainable future.

Feed the Hungry Tribes in Pakistan

Narrowly existing in a jungle-desert environment and laboring mercilessly, they receive no wage! Only a meager amount of vegetables they tend for the land holder. Extended families are crowded together, yet in the face of their plight humility flourishes.

In the near future we hope to have resources to provide more food, more wells, solar lights for huts, water pumps and filters, mobile clinics, wheat bags plus training for men, women, and children. Vocational training is the only way to improve the future for these non-urban dwellers in Pakistan.

“Women in Pakistan are 2nd class citizens, and while men are not, obtaining employment is as difficult for them as for the women. Training in motorcycle mechanics and sewing is a chance for self-improvement for both genders.”

For complete information and to contact Feed the Hungry Tribes in Pakistan, please visit their website.

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