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Go Deeper

Welcome to Go Deeper – Explore the depths of Biblical Training at Clearwater.

Here is an easy way to think about this resource:
• Every skilled fisherman needs a tackle box, right?
• As “Fishers of Men,” we need one too.
• A tackle box has drawers for an assortment of important gear.
• So, you may explore what’s in the ten drawers listed below.
• Go as deep as you wish. You can always come back again later.

Embracing the Divine Romance

– Softening Calvinism

Clearwater Vision – a Deeper Look

– General Introduction to our church

Becoming a Clearwater Partner

– What you need to know

The Heart of True Worship

– Learning to respond to God’s presence

Prayer Center Training

– A resource to intercessors – that’s you!

The “Why” Series of Christian Basics

– Two-page monographs on church essentials.

Equipping Future Leaders

– For elders and young pastors in training.

Life Group Facilitators Training

– Major set of tools for leading small groups.

Praise Team Leader Training

– Tools for recruitment and commitment.

Healing the Breach – “Pleromic” Unity

– Becoming both Evangelical and Charismatic

Glad You Asked – Spiritual FAQ

– Answers to questions you may be asking.