Chromecast FAQ


Can I use Right Now Media? Yes! It uses the app from your phone to cast Right Now Media to the TV.
Can I use YouTube? Yes! We recommend that if you use it for worship music in your class that you create a playlist and cast it directly from your phone.
Can I use any other app? Yes! As long as you’re able to cast an app from your phone, then you can use it with the TV’s.
Can I use PowerPoint from my computer? Yes! You don’t even need to connect your computer with a wire! If you have Google Chrome loaded on your computer, you click the vertical ellipse near the top right and choose “Cast…” from there, choose to cast your whole screen. Then start PowerPoint and away you go!!!
I feel uncomfortable with all this wireless stuff. Can I just connect my computer to the TV like a computer screen/monitor? Yes! As long as your computer has an HDMI connection. There is an extra HDMI cable hanging behind the lower left corner of every screen. Feel free to use it. If your computer doesn’t have an HDMI connection and you don’t have an adapter, please let us know ahead of time and we’ll work something out for you.
Can I use from my computer? Yes! as long as you have Google Chrome loaded, you can use it to cast your screen to the TV.
Can I play a DVD? Yes! There is a separate remote for that player. Please see instructions beside the TV.
Can I play a BlueRay disk? Yes! Those players will play BDs too!
Can I play a VCR tape? Yes! Just not at church. Same goes for cassettes…and 8-tracks.
Who do I contact if I have problems? For most questions please contact the church office.