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“Listening Prayer” – The Lord’s Agenda.

“Listening Prayer” – The Lord’s Agenda.

In the last dozen postings, I’ve summarized for you the skills of “Listening Prayer” so you might find it a healthy practice in your walk with God. I am hearing back from some of you that you are delighted at how God is speaking to you in answer to the five questions – What? Really? Why? When? And How? Click here for a one-page summary of this prayer plan on our Website: http://bit.ly/2ubAuxg

When I talk to my Lord, my requests may focus on one of three agendas – mine, yours, or the Lord’s. These distinctions help me to balance my time with the Lord in prayer.

M.A.P. – “My Agenda Praying” – involves the things I request. I have needs and desires, burdens and joys. I cast all my cares on the Lord because He cares for me. I can tell him about my discouragements as well as my victories. And He listens. This is “daily bread” requests as in the Lord’s Prayer.

T.A.P. – “Their Agenda Praying” – is intercession. We lift up the needs of family, church, lost people, missionaries, etc. We bear one another’s burdens. When we get the list of prayer requests from the previous Sunday, we take the concerns of others to the Lord.” Loving People” means praying for them.

L.A.P. – “Lord’s Agenda Praying” – opens our hearts to what God wants to share with us. Quieting our internal voice to prepare to hear spiritually His voice, we ask and wait to welcome His agenda. His will may not have occurred to us yet, so we turn the prayer conversation over to Him. “Lord, what?”

“Listening Prayer” majors in the Lord’s agenda. An agenda is defined as a list of things to be considered. God has things on His list to talk over with us, and solicit our submission, compliance and cooperation. We should quiet our hearts, ask, listen, and rest in patient faith in His promise to speak to us. Then let’s prepare to respond appropriately to His agenda. “What might that be,” you ask. Well, here is a short list:

1. Our Maturity: Sometimes He will reveal to us the beauty of Jesus to conform us to His likeness.

2. Our Identity: How God sees us often slips from our view; He beckons us back to security and peace.

3. Our Battle: The enemy is an intimidator; God reminds us that He is greater, and He is in us.

4. Our Sanctification: Remember, God never convicts us except to set us free. Welcome correction.

5. Our Perseverance: He says to our weary spirit that He began a good work and HE will finish it.

6. Our Relationships: The Spirit will lead you into anointed encounters that bear fruit for the Kingdom.

7. Our Purpose: God has a plan. We may not have found it yet, or lost focus. God will clarify this to us.

8. Our Ministry to others: God has given you spiritual gifts. They are “Voice activated.” His voice.

I’m running out of room! Fortunately, we can continue this more in the next posting. And I will give you some stories about the blessing of working off God’s agenda list. Be encouraged.

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