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“Lord, When?” Acting In Season

“Lord, When?” Acting In Season

Timing. So, again, let’s assume the Lord has laid on your heart something to say or do, and confirms to you He intends to bless someone with what He revealed to you. You now know that obedience is called for. Our fourth question is, “Lord, when?” Let me restate this important principle:

 Effective ministry is as much

related to timing as it is related to truth.

 Let me illustrate that principle with a personal story.

 Sitting inconspicuously in the back corner of the Senior Center, head down, I was deep in conversation with the Lord. This new church, a Calvary Chapel spin-off, was just getting started in Corvallis. Ninety-four folks were lost in worship as the extended song-set flowed seamlessly. It was just what I needed.

 In agony of soul, having just resigned as pastor of a large church in that small city, I found myself tuning out everything, lost in God’s presence. There was a passion for revival in me that moved me to tears. I began praying over and over again, “Lord, you deserve a better return for all You suffered on the cross. You deserve a beautiful bride!”

 Just then, a hand touched my shoulder, and a piece of paper was offered. I took it, without looking up. It was a folded bulletin with a note that read, “David, God wants you to have this: Isaiah 61:10.” Fumbling quickly with my Bible, my eyes lighted upon these words:

 Isaiah 61:10. I will rejoice greatly in the Lord, My soul will exult in my God; For He has clothed me with garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, As a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.

 I was stunned! God heard me, affirming the cry of my heart. A timely word – so sweet, so healing.

 And now, the rest of the story! A month later, at a men’s meeting, God prompted me to ask a guy named Jerry whom I had not met before, “Was that you who gave me that note a couple of weeks back?”

 “Um, well, yes,” he said with a sheepish smile. As I started to share with him what that verse meant to me, he put up his hand to stop me. He said, “That’s between you and the Lord. I don’t need to know.” I said, “Then, please tell me what happened.” This is what he told me.

 He was sitting way over and close to the front in worship. He said God began to speak to him directly. Write down Isaiah 61:10 and give it to David Niquette.” He said, “Really?”Give it to David.” “Okay, next time I see him . . . “ Give it to David now.” “But,” Jerry reacted, “I don’t know if he is even here.” Now!” “Okay, okay, Lord.”

 He craned his neck, and by chance (?) he saw my profile against the lighting on the side wall. He sneaked around the back, dropped the note in my lap, and zipped back the way he came. He was obedient to serve the Lord in God’s perfect timing.

 Wow! Once again, I tried to thank Jerry for that particular verse. He held up his hand again. “David, I was so embarrassed. I don’t know the Bible all that well. I didn’t even know if there were as many as 61 chapters in Isaiah!” We both laughed, and learned, and became lifelong friends.

 Be encouraged. God’s timing is perfect. May we learn to offer His truth in His timing. More next week.

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