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"Lord, Why?" A Revealing Story

“Lord, Why?” A Revealing Story

Reminder: I promised I would give an illustration of this third question in Listening Prayer – “Lord, Why?” You may like to return to the previous blog to refresh your heart on this discussion. For a printable overview of all five questions, click here: https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=https://clearwaterfc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/1.-Hearing-the-Spirit-Five-Questions-2018.pdf&hl=en

The Milky Way was so stunningly brilliant in the Oregon Sky that other lights were not needed for me to see the dirt pathway through the McDonald Forest that Saturday night in November. I had stepped away from my home office with my sermon notes still awaiting the print-command.

It could wait. I had to consult with our Wonderful Counselor in private. A burgeoning question had captured my heart. It related to the state of the church in America. The subject was about the need to confront “cultural Christianity.”

Sometimes, we can lose track of time when pouring out our hearts to God. Just so. My pursuit of answers was partly with urgency, partly with uncertainty, and wholly with passion. Tears. “Jesus,” I remember crying, “You deserve a better return for all You suffered on the cross!”

Then it came. My quick, impatient pace slowed. Slowed to a stop. My mind settled with a clear impression, a thought that came to mind without being my own thought. It was clear, specific, and powerful. It was the answer! And it blew me away. Clarity, insight, and joy! “Lord, that was You, right?” Instant confirmation came from the overwhelming, supernatural peace. Supportive Bible chunks were rapid-fire in my spirit, as my brain struggled to keep up. My Lord and I had just had a profoundly productive walk and talk. I will not share that secret just now, but can tell you that it shaped my ministry for the next 20 years.

Quickening my pace again, nearly to a run. I was rejoicing, “Lord, I have time to change my message for tomorrow’s sermon, if I have to stay up all night.”

“Whoa Ponies!” I thought. My steps shortened and slowed to a stop. I heard the Lord say, “David, I gave you that teaching for tomorrow. Stay with it.”

I paused, my eyes of faith looking up way beyond the starry canopy, I tried to figure this out. Why wouldn’t God let me share what was so passionately throbbing in my spirit. I quieted my heart. But I was confused.

Then I asked that “Lord, why?” question for the first time. “Lord, if you didn’t want me to share this insight with the folks down the hill, why did you tell me this?”

The answer came clearly to my heart and mind. I will use quotation marks to dramatize how clearly this impression came to me. “Just because you ask Me. David, friends tell friends things. And now you know Me better. Let’s keep this between us for now.” End of story.

I learned a precious lesson that night. My friendship with Jesus is as important as my service for Jesus.

Dear ones, be encouraged. God will speak. God will speak clearly. God will speak purposefully. Savor that conversation with your Friend. And allow that He may direct you to take action on what He reveals, too.

You wait to hear Him speak. Wait also for confirmation. And before you rush off to take action, wait a little longer for the clear answer to this third question in Listening Prayer – “Lord, why?”

So, next week: Question 4 — “Lord, when?”

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