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A Divine Restlessness, a Sacred Discontent

A Divine Restlessness, a Sacred Discontent

Last Sunday, we were given a most challenging presentation by Brian Post, the Mobilization Specialist for English Language Institute China (ELIC). He was very pleased with the response of our Clearwater Family, finding many people, including college students, asking for more information.

His talk included a profound quotation from Gary Haugen. Gary is an attorney and the CEO of the International Justice Mission. What he senses in his heart I believe reflects the truth of an awakening disquiet within God’s children like you and me.

It profoundly touches me, and expresses my earning for a spiritual awakening in the “Cultural Christianity” in the American church today. Here is Gary’s perception:

“I sense among many Christians today a subtle but deep discontent…a powerful but largely unspoken sense of disappointment in the way their Christian life is turning out…They are good people and earnest followers of Jesus.”

“But at the end of the day we thought our Christian life would be more than this…  somehow larger, more significant, more vivid, more glorious… following Christ was supposed to be a bold adventure of power and beauty and singular importance…and in very deep ways, it’s disappointing.

It seems that we cannot rid ourselves of this primal, unquenchable yearning to make our lives matter.  By divine hard-wiring, we desperately want our lives to count — really significantly count – for God’s rescuing work in the world…nothing else fills up the void.

“In this era, I believe many Christians… yearn for liberation from small and trivial things, and to experience the passion and power of God on the more jagged edges of faith… This is, I believe, a voice of divine restlessness.  This is a voice of sacred discontent.  This is the voice of holy yearning for… MORE!”

I’m wondering if any of you feel this way. Actually, I am hoping so . . . praying that it becomes so.

Would it surprise you to know that God would look with favor on your brooding heart? He welcomes our disquiet deep within our hearts. In fact, He placed it there. It may, in fact, reflect the very heart of God.

“More, Lord! More of You. More of Your beauty to be seen in me. More of your grace to be shared with others. More purpose. More power. MORE!”

I’ll stop right there with that thought. I encourage you to accept this awakening thirst for more as a gift from God. It marks you and me out for participation in what God is about to unfold. Be encouraged. God has not put this dissatisfaction in our hearts to mock us. No. No. But to include us. So, let’s offer your yearning hearts to Him and pray for His plan to unfold in true revival. Pour your heart out to Him.

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