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Go Deeper

Welcome to Go Deeper – Explore the depths of Biblical Training at Clearwater.

Here is an easy way to think about this resource:
• Every skilled fisherman needs a tackle box, right?
• As “Fishers of Men,” we need one too.
• A tackle box has drawers for an assortment of important gear.
• So, you may explore what’s in the ten drawers listed below.
• Go as deep as you wish. You can always come back again later.

Drawer 1. Clearwater Vision – a Deeper Look

General Introduction to our church

Drawer 2. Becoming a Clearwater Partner

What you need to know

Drawer 3. The Heart of True Worship

Learning to respond to God’s presence

Drawer 4. Prayer Center Training

A resource to intercessors – that’s you!

Drawer 5. The “Why” Series of Christian Basics

Two-page monographs on church essentials.

Drawer 6. Equipping Future Leaders

For elders and young pastors in training.

Drawer 7. Life Group Facilitators Training

Major set of tools for leading small groups.

Drawer 8. Praise Team Leader Training

Tools for recruitment and commitment.

Drawer 9. Healing the Breach – “Pleromic” Unity

Becoming both Evangelical and Charismatic

Drawer 10. Glad You Asked – Spiritual FAQ

Answers to questions you may be asking.